Birdwatching and biodiverity observation

Feltre is part of The Belluno Valley, an area known for its extensive biodiversity. The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park has approximately 1400 plant species (1/4 of the entire national flora), several of which are rare or endemic to the region. The cultivated biodiversity and the absence of intensive monocrop farming make this region particularly interesting.
Given this, the area provides many opportunities for flora and fauna observation, especially birdwatching.
Here you can find a checklist of the areas valued birds, as observed by Tom and Kristen during their stay at La Casetta. To Tom and Kristen’s list I have added the “eagle owl”, a fantastic bird I saw several times in 2007, right in the back of the house.
About 115 species of birds nest in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park territory – almost half of Italy’s bird species.
Thanks again to Kristen and Tom. Thanks to Italo for trusting and confirming my belief that the area is excellent for birdwatchers.
Alla Casetta offers special regard for researchers or natural science enthusiasts who share the results of their observations.

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