Nature and art, these are the features of this range. Here are examples of points of interest that can be reached in less than two hours.

Asolo e Possagno

Asolo is a pleasant village located in the hills on the south side of Mount Grappa. Nearby is Possagno, hometown of the famous sculptor Antonio Canova. Of particular interest are the Gypsotech and the Temple (designed by Canova.).

Bassano - Monte grappa - Marostica

The history of Monte Grappa is primarily connected with World War I, and at the top of the mountain there is an impressive military memorial monument.
At the bottom of Mount Grappa’s southern base lies the charming town of Bassano del Grappa. Near Bassano is Marostica, a small town famous for its life size chessboard in the town square and peculiar medieval wall.

Brent de l'Art

A fabulous canyon, just 10 minutes’ walk from the parking area of Sant’Antonio di Tortal. Accessible via San Boldo Pass and returning via Vittorio Veneto or Valdobbiadene through the ‘Strada del prosecco’ (Prosecco Road).


The Town of Feltre has pre-Roman origins. It is a fascinating place of Renaissance history, well-preserved and surrounded by medieval walls. While its quiet, slow pace can give an impression of emptiness, it is genuine in its reminiscence of earlier times.

Monte Avena

Mount Avena is essentially a big hill. It is easy to reach, suitable for everyone, and adaptable to many activities. (These include paragliding, cross-country skiing, light walks, relaxation…)
On top of the “mountain” is the Campon d’Avena, which is a grazing land for cows during the summer. A gentle and airy place, it is internationally known as a take-off spot for paragliding and hang-gliding.


Padova is a dynamic and lively city, home to one of the oldest universities in the world. It is enjoyable to walk through the town center or relax in one of the many town squares. Of particular interest are the Capella degli Scrovegni, which contains acollection of Giott’s frescos, the Basilica di Sant’Antonio and the Botanical Garden.

Parco Dolomiti Bellunesi

For lovers of the wilderness and rugged mountains.

Country and rurality

The territory around La Casetta is mostly rural, and the country still provides many resources and aesthetics. The wisdom, sacrifice, and passion present in the history of the mid-mountain area is too often overlooked. The Cesiomaggiore country is representative of the entire Belluno Valley territory. It does not boast the magnificence of the Dolomites, nor the Unesco brand. It is rather defined by the details connected to its rural history; a row of grapes, a stone drywall, or a field of beans. Appreciating these little things reveals the work, passion, and history of an entire community. It means to appreciate the people. Highly recommended is the “Ethnographical Museum of the Belluno Province and the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.”

Museo Etnografico
Via Serravella 1, Cesiomaggiore.

Treviso e le ville venete

Treviso is a small, quiet city located in the Veneto flatland. The country region includes several villas commissioned by the lords of the Venetian Republic. One of these, Villa Barbaro, was designed by Andrea Palladio, and is located in Maser.


Haunted by the infamous Vajont Dam disaster of 1963, Vajont and the surrounding area maintains a feeling of remoteness. The devastated villages of Erto and Casso can be toured in one day and offer stirring visual evidence of the tragic history. In addition to this historic event, Erto and Casso offer a wealth of architectural, natural, and social history..

Val di Sella

Val di Sella offers a couple of interesting itineraries that combine art and nature. Both routes are suitable for everybody but one is more demanding than the other. The valley is easy reachable in one hour driving and it is located close to Borgo Valsugana. More info:


The Home of Prosecco wine.
Scenic drives:
Sant’Antonio di Tortal (Brent de l’Art) - Passo san Boldo - Strada del Prosecco -Valdobbiadene



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