Christian, Amy, Katerina and Zucca

Christian was born in Feltre in 1975. La Casetta was the childhood home of his grandmother. He spent lots of time with his grandparents at the house during his childhood. It was always his dream to reopen the house (uninhabited for 50 years) and allow other people to appreciate its beauty. At the age of 30, after the house had been uninhabited for 50 years, he moved into la Casetta. He began the renovation and the project is now a reality, continually fueled by dreams.

Amy was born in Ohio, USA in 1974. After graduation she moved to Bishop, California to pursue her passions of rock-climbing and other mountain sports. These passions took Amy to the Alps, which she explored with great enthusiasm. Shortly after this, she decided to move to the Dolomites.
This picture, taken in the Piani Eterni (Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park), is a good representation of our family!
Our daughter, Katerina, was born in July 2013.
La Casetta circa 1930, with Christian’s great-grandparents, Angela and Rodolfo Broch, who built the house.


Alla Casetta

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